We woke up quite early in the morning and the city of Puerto Madryn was yawning by the shores of the Golfo Nuevo. The sun light up the while we were watching this breathtaking scene in complete silence and behind our warm cups of coffee.

Bravely, we left the hotel to face up the cold windy morning. Andrés, our tour guide, told us how his Welsh ancestors had arrived during a similar morning in the peninsula more than one hundred years ago. They were trying to get their dream of making their nation in the Patagonia.

Once on the van, while we were crossing the Patagonian steppe, the “mates” (the typical Argentinean hot drink) came into scene and the conversation turned friendlier. In this way we came acquainted with the stories of the people who live, work and love in these rugged lands; the native’s culture, the Welsh tradition, the B&R (born and raised) and all those people who conformed this dreamer and rebel southern identity characterized by insurrection and dreams.

When we arrived in “Puerto Pirámides”, the sea had taken the blue to sky and as unraveling it into a thousand waves of foam. The landscape was offered to us with all its mystery and we were walking where the sea had been millions of years ago: marine fossils are everywhere giving testimony of them.

We went into the sea armed with fashionable orange lifejackets. In that moment, we were as children expecting for something marvelous to happen. We were participating in the first whale watching navigation of the season and our eyes were so open that they had started to hurt.

We almost did not blink; the more we enter into the sea the more anxious we were. The experience had also a special emotion; we knew that one of those whales who visit the peninsula periodically could be Alfonsina, the recent southern right whale that we had adopted.

So we saw them… far, far away. A tale, a fin, the backwaters, our tour guides told us that the encounter was close. The sightings were succeeding and it seemed as if our sea friends were trying very hard to catch our attention: one of them dived into the water doing stunts, the other let us watching its tale up in the water; a third was shooting a water jet into the sky.

The exclamations of joy and tenderness were immediate. We walked from side to side of the ship to appreciate as much as we could. Cameras and camcorders could not get all the present wonder and beauty. Nature was throwing a party and we were invited to celebrate!

A whale with its calf came too closed to our boat. Our tour guide explained us that they were a female whale with her child born one year before and the games they were playing were the last before they got apart: they had been together for a year and it was time for the calf to start its life on its own.

Perhaps, this powerful influence that whales have on us may not be another thing that seeing our own life’s values: love, family, freedom, natural connection being part of the unique and mysterious universe…

The truth is that whale watching is a unique experience that can connect us with essential emotions and feelings that teach us that life is holy and loving in all its expressions and struggling to keep it is our outmost aim that we have every day.



                                                   María Paula Soria, Product Manager

                                                                 Metropolitan Touring Argentina

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