The Amazon Experience-Travelling like a Rolling Stone!

Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica

Traveler: Cristina Bustamante

Marketing manager at Metropolitan Touring Peru

The Amazon Rainforest is for me one of the most amazing and magic places I have visited in Peru; since once you visit it, the warmth of its people, the exotic flavors of its food and the brightly colors of its landscapes catches you, making you want to go there over and over again.

On this opportunity I decided to travel to Puerto Maldonado, home to one of the most important natural areas in the whole world because of its huge bio diversity, the Tambopata Reserve, where Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica is located. This ecolodge has recently hosted the famous musician Mick Jagger! So now I might say that visiting the Peruvian Rainforest is travelling like a Rolling Stone!

Day 1

We departed from Lima at 5.30 in the morning on a 2.45 min flight towards Puerto Maldonado, with a stop in Cusco. Upon arrival, staff from Inkaterra was waiting to transfer us to the Butterfly’s House, just a few minutes away from the airport, where we received a fresh passion fruit juice before we checked in.

Then, we had some time to visit the butterfly’s house and see all types of butterflies spinning around us.

After a 10 minutes-drive we got to Jetty’s Port to start our journey going dip into the rainforest. We went on a 45 min. boat trip towards the lodge, where once again we were received with a fresh made drink, and directed to our room.

The room was certainly beautiful; it was comfortable and has first class amenities without losing the local touch, and always caring about the ecological standards.

After we freshened up, rested a little, and enjoyed a delicious lunch, we began with the activities.

Since this was our first day here, we decided to make a recognition walk around the lodge, where we got to know lots of plants and trees from the region, while our guide told us about how the local communities use this plants.  After the short walk, we decided to enjoy of the impressive view from the hammocks area, facing the Madre de Dios River.

At night, we embarked on a more exciting activity, an excursion along the river by night. Prepared with our flashlights and the cameras ready to take pictures, we went through the river searching for owls, capybaras and alligators. We didn’t have much luck this time, we only got to see a few small alligators. What we got to see clearly was the sky fully illuminated with twinkling stars from the southern hemisphere.

At the end of the day we had dinner and went to rest and enjoy the peace and tranquility of our room.

Day 2

We woke up very early to enjoy a delicious and energetic breakfast beforegoing back to the boat that will transfer us to the Tambopata National Reserve. Once in the reserve, we had to make an hour and a half walk through the forest where we spotted some parrots, macaws, and butterflies amongst others, until we got to Sandoval Lake.

From here we go into a canoe and surround the beautiful lake, watching birds like the “shanshos” and herons; howling monkeys, and even a big caiman in the middle of the lake. This excursion lasts about 1 and half hours under the hot sun; so it is very important to bring lots of drinking water and sunscreen.

In the afternoon we did the Canopy Walk, a hanging bridges system of more than 28 meters high! We walked over the tops of the trees, enjoying the fresh air and the amazing views. This is not recommendable if you are afraid to heights, since the bridges swings  a lot while you walk. From here we saw a tucanet and some monkeys jumping shyly from tree to tree upon our presence. After taking some good pictures, we went back to the lodge.

On our last night at the lodge we decided to just enjoy an exquisite dinner, followed by some drinks served at the bar; where we got to talk to a family also staying at the lodge. The kids were thrilled with all the insects and animals they saw on their excursions. 

Day 3 

The last day on Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica has come. Before saying good bye to the jungle, we went on our last excursion to the Gamitana creek.

This time a friendly group of people from Spain joined us, with whom we share jokes and trip experiences. After walking about one hour through a model farm, where we saw monkeys, fruits, plants, etc, we got to a point where we had to decide between going all in one canoe driven by our guide, or to go on a separate canoe, paddling by ourselves. Of course, we decided to go for some adventure and go alone on one separate canoe. Even though the water level was not so high, keeping the canoe straight was more difficult than what we thought, leaving us stranded on more than one occasion. However, it was totally worth it, it was a unique experience.

At the end, we returned by boat to the lodge to get our bags and get back to the civilization.

Very sad for leaving, but with  great happiness of having visited one of the most precious natural areas in the world, we went back to the concrete jungle, the city of Lima, but with many good memories and wonderful pictures of this magical journey!

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