ECUADOR: Proudly Ecuadorian

By Paulina Garcés, Metropolitan Touring Ecuador

My birthplace is Ecuador, so I am Ecuadorian, but now I am Ecuadorian by conviction.

Now I can tell that I am wearing my “team shirt” with the heart. Why? Because I know more of my country the glam and beauty we are surrounded by and because I am convinced that we have a priceless treasure that anyone else has. During some years I´ve worked in an international Airline Company and selling the rest of the world, I travelled and I enjoyed a lot, knowing new places that also gave me a lot of knowledge and culture, but now at Metropolitan Touring I have the opportunity to really appreciate and love my country and I am sure that I won´t find it in another country because where are unique, everything on the same place: My Ecuador!!!


Starting in Quito a city fulll of churches and histories in every corner.  The volcanoes and mountains you can be in the highlands and in a few hours enjoy valleys and waterfalls, this is for example The Spirit of the Andes one of the tours we have, then arrive to Cuenca a marvelous city. Get into the depths of the Cloud Forest and enjoy the purity of the water, the exciting view, Nature in the most pure state. The Amazon Basin what an spectacular place for the biodiversity, the rivers, the adventure.


Another chapter for me is Galapagos, this place transmitted to me it´s enchantment and veil of secrecy and what gives me more happiness is that my 9 years old daughter greatly enjoy this marvelous place more than her first visit to Disney World. Really I know they are completely two different things but in her own words she prefers a thousand times to get back to Galapagos. It was really an inspiration looking her face at the view of a new animal or the underwater world, she was bewitched and lived it intensively. Galapagos is a place you have to experience, you have to feel it, to really enjoy it.

I still have a lot to know of my country, there are more places to discover of this beautiful country it has a lot to show me it´s magic and secrets I am going to continue in my research to transmit it to the people who wants to know it, the people around me, the essence the power we have.


If you want to know more about Ecuador and Galápagos Islands, please visit Metropolitan Touring’s website.

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