The Train to machachi

By Verónica Rosero, Metropolitan Touring Ecuador

Early in the morning bells ring in the station, the awakening of the train that for many years had been just a distant memory, now reborn for local and international tourists meet this Ecuador on rails.

Our journey begins in South of Quito, people look at the train still surprised and children said goodbye waiving their hands and smiling. We started this trip on the restored locomotive, on our way we saw the green carpet of the mountains and small houses around.

After about two hours, the “chagras” on their horses invited us to enjoy a great party. When we reached the train station of Machachi a “Banda de Pueblo” gave us the welcome with cheerful dancers, who showed us the folkloric dances, with the train in the background as perfect scenery.

A number of haciendas around were inviting us to enjoy their products and hospitality. Our first contact was with the animals: geese, ostriches, a variety of chickens and rabbits, goats, deer and a mule who was inviting us to take a little ride on his back. After a delicious typical lunch we had to start our return to Quito.

We left the Train Station of Machachi, we felt happy to have delighted our senses with sounds, aromas and flavors of the Ecuadorian highlands. As we were going back to Quito, we went back on the time, trying to have a similar experience of the people that many years ago used to have the train as transportation between the highlands and the coast during many days.

We came back to the train station of Chimbacalle after returning back in time and to the origins of the Ecuadorian Highlands aboard the new Ecuadorian’s train.

If you want to know more about train tours in Ecuador, please visit Metropolitan Touring’s website.

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