The Andean flavors in the air

By Nicolás Benitez, Metropolitan Touring Ecuador

A day that starts with a late wake up can be a relaxing Sunday with the rain hitting my window… A day full of leisure, of resting and filled of quick passing hours used just to enjoy the comfort of my bed and, probably, just to watch the worst movies in the television; definitely a day I will not dislike but also, a day I will easily forget.

So, I really prefer an early wake up! A day full of expectations that makes me jump off the bed quickly and with the certainty that I’m about to live and see things I’ll not forget… A day out of the routine, a day like the one I had in Ecuador with volcanoes always around me and the sense of tasting fresh air of different flavors in the same day!

My day started with the flavor of the fresh air in the town of Baños which has a taste of forest, very green, a little humid. This fresh air has a flavor of wet soil, abundant falling water and a little touch of volcanic warmness given by the Tungurahua. A flavor that remains inside and gives you the soul to feel you are part of this air, part of the nature, part of the planet where I live.

Then continued to cross El Arenal, a brown moorland surrounding the Chimborazo, a place full of fresh air with a taste of cold sand of the Andes, air with a flavor of everlasting snow, white mist, blowing wind, mixed with a couple of sun rays and nature living in this Faunistic Reserve. Then, getting to Riombamba, I can feel the air with flavor of history, the flavor of friendly people, the flavor of kindness and now I have a complete mixture of flavors inside. All these flavors made my day, all this new flavored fresh air in my body makes me remember that I’m alive and makes me completely forget at what time I woke up that day!!. I can feel my lungs full of richness, full of nature, full of moments, full of the Spirit of the Andes, full of Ecuador.

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