The Enchanted Islands: Galápagos

There is definitely a reason why the Galapagos Islands are called The Enchanted Islands.  After being there just for one day I felt captivated by the beauty of the Islands’ landscapes and the astonishing diversity of their wildlife.

The Galapagos Islands are a miracle of nature and it’s easy to understand why they were named an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Walking around the islands becomes an adventure while you move around a variety of animals that surprisingly don’t have any fear towards humans and make you feel as if you belong there. The amazing experience of walking by a sea lion, an iguana, a blue footed booby among others, as close as you could almost touching them, was an amazing feeling that quickly became normal on our day to day.

We snorkeled with the most beautiful varieties of fish, watched the sea turtles swim next to us along with the sea lions that showed their swimming skills around us as if we were in some kind of national geographic program, it was just unbelievable.

This trip has been an unforgettable experience; I can honestly say there is no other place on earth like the Galapagos Islands. I recommend that anyone who visits Ecuador visits the Galapagos Islands as well.

These wonderful islands are something that has to be done in this life and is definitely an opportunity that you should not be missed; it quite possible may be the most fascinating journey of your lifetime.

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