The Iguazu Falls are awe inspiring!



Visiting Iguazu from the Argentinian side is just perfect. The panoramic views from the upper circuit are amazing, you can get pretty close to the waterfalls and nature as well (from the Upper Iguazu River).

You will be thrilled with the wonderful opportunities this place offers to get a zillion photos of different views every step along the trails (keep these lovely images and sounds in your brain as well!!).

When taking the train trip along the Upper Iguazu River a huge adventure is about to begin. It is certainly quite difficult to understand how the calm Upper Iguazu River that goes with you along the trail suddenly changes its form and takes shape of an impressive and massive waterfall -the Devil’s Throat- which is a mixture of noises, views and energy. An indescribable experience not to be missed!!

The Devil's Throat

The Devil's Throat

by Sonia Lopez, Metropolitan Touring

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