Argentinian Charm

Metropolitan Touring (Ecuador office) fam trip to Argentina at Iguazu Falls

Besides the fact that when we think of Argentina what first comes to our mind is Buenos Aires – a magnificent city, by the way!!!! – during a recent trip I discovered a couple of things.

It is common in Latin America to refer to the Argentinians as “the ones that know it all”. The ego of the Argentinians is something we always talk about. But travelling in Argentina for 11 days completely changed the way I think.

I found the most amazing, charming and friendly people, from the bus drivers we had, to MT Argentina´s General Manager who travelled with us throughout the trip, it’s no exaggeration to say I now have tons of new Argentine friends now!!!!!

We travelled to the northern part of Argentina, the province of Salta, quite Andean. Our local guide Miguel Angel was so proud of his culture and ethnics, showing us around and telling us about the famous Humahuaca Carnival (held in February), we all felt the irresistible urge to book a trip in 2011 so we could be part of the fun too!!

And then there was Diego our guide in the Salta region, full of good humour and with a great ability to hold ones attention. And César our guide at Iguazú Falls, was something out of this world, a young man with so much knowledge of his rainforest, you just had to love him!

All in all, I have found my preconceptions of Argentinians swept away: surely one of the best reasons to travel there is!

Andrea Swigilsky, Division 8 Commercial Manager, Metropolitan Touring.

Join us to discover Argentina and meet the ‘charming Argentineans’:

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