Visit to the Delfín II Amazon Cruise in Peru

By: Lucía Peña – Metropolitan Touring Peru

I was lucky to embark on an expedition of 5 days / 4 nights aboard the Delfín II Amazon Cruise. Let me share with you some of my experiences on the trip…

I left Lima on the evening flight to Iquitos, where I met the other passengers embarking the Delfín II, being a total of 22 people. We arrived at the pier in Nauta and the reception was astonishing! Cinnamon and clove scented icy towels, a welcome drink of local fruit in an appropriate atmosphere for the occasion.

We boarded the Cruise into the third deck where we received a briefing of the activities, meal times and the distribution of keys. After we settle in our spacious cabins we headed to dinner, which featured a very nice atmosphere. The presentation of the table was quite a sight, because the decor is not repeated even once. The day ended and I headed to my cabin where I rest in my cozy bed. The Dolphin II has 14 spacious suite cabins, including 4 master suites on the bow with 180 degree panoramic windows and 10 suites of which 4 are communicating thinking on accommodating families. The cabins have all the amenities to match any room suite worldwide, without losing its casual spirit. The cabin area at each level has air conditioning as well as corridors that are separated from other common areas by a glass door. In the second level is the dining room and on the third level or observation deck there is an extremely comfortable lounge bar to enjoy some exotic drink or a pleasant outdoor reading.

The morning came, and the opened curtains were a show … just rivers and nature. It was the Yarapa River, a tributary of the Amazon River, where you could see the junction of rivers, one beige, and the other one brown and pink dolphins swimming around. A view worth admiring! After a rich and varied breakfast we left early for the first excursion to Yanallpa and after a tasty lunch we went out to explore the Dorado River, one of the favorite spots for the shy pink dolphin.

We explored the area and its lagoons finding all kinds of wildlife. We return to the cruise to freshen up and prepare for dinner which came with a small live music by members of staff.

The most fun and exciting for me came on the fourth day excursion to fish piranhas and the afternoon swim with pink and gray dolphins at Atun Poza Lake, a heavenly place! Upon returning in the evening the classic search for alligators. The crew and all staff members were great at any time of day, always smiling, willing to answer any concerns or help, and especially ensuring our security.

Definitely a memorable experience, filled with excitement, exquisite dishes and comfort in the Peruvian Jungle! A really enjoyable experience that can be recommended to any traveler.

Visit to the Nazca Lines in Peru

By: Zacarías Goñe – Metropolitan Touring Perú

On November 6th, I had the pleasure of going on a FAM trip to the city of Nazca, organized by Aerodiana, Peruvian airline providing over flights to the mysterious Nazca Lines.

We left Lima at 06:00 am, taking the South Panamerican Highway, which is in very good condition. We arrived to the city of Nazca at 1.00 pm. Upon arrival we were immediately transferred to the Nazca Lines hotel. Once in the hotel, the manager Renzo Caballero, welcomed us and invite us for lunch in the facilities of the Hotel. Following the program, we met at 4 pm at the hotel lobby for a visit to the aqueducts and the Antonioni Museum.

On the second day we gathered early in the morning in the lobby to head toward the airfield, 10 minutes away from the hotel, from where we were able to take the flight over the enigmatic Nazca lines. The flight was scheduled at 06:00 AM. The service Aerodiana gave us was the Nazca Classic Service, with a time of 30 minutes.

Aerodiana has 3 brand new Cessna Grand Caravan 2008 aircrafts, with capacity for 12 passengers, with padded seats and a very good panoramic view; the pilots are experienced captains, providing great security to the passengers.

This was my first time flying over the Nazca Lines, and the service was really good! The panoramic windows allowed all the passengers to observe the lines perfectly, even those passengers who were seated on the aisle, like me. Aerodiana offers us the options of doing the over flight service from either the Pisco airport or the Nazca airport.

After the flight we return to the hotel for breakfast, then we enjoyed a tour through the dunes of Nazca in a tubular car, and although we were all very tired; I certainly encouraged myself on doing some sand boarding, I couldn’t miss the chance of experience this adventure activity! The tour took 40 minutes.

At the end, very tired and sad because of living this interesting city, we head back to Lima.